April 11, 2018

Female Vocalist Needed for Theme Song!

THESMProject Los Angeles/ Orange County, California

We are in studio production of a theme song and single for the internet web series. We are now moving forward seeking a talented female vocalist to fill this role. Candidates must agree to a compensation plan equivalent to $500 in addition to a greater contract.

Sound and Style:
Vocals of candidate should resemble vocals and style from the following: Susanne Sundfør, Karliene, Eurielle, Jillian Aversa, Ashley Serena, Adriana Figueroa, Natasha Khan

Candidates are expected to complete recording within 2 to 3 sessions. Candidates should desire to be on camera for BTS content.

Must have significant technical and creative prowess as a singer.
Must reside in Los Angeles or Orange County.
Age range roughly 20’s and early 30’s.
Must have experience participating in recording sessions.
Must have exceptional communication skills, fun and easy to work with.

Additionally, comfort perks such as transportation and meals will be offered at no expense.

The Subverted Method is an absolutely original experimental science fiction web series about the development of unconventional technology and its newfound social/political presence within the modern world. The series launched on YouTube and was recently funded on Kickstarter. The main theme entitled “By Design”, is a major identifying feature in which we plan to market as a final product of THESMProject.

Ideal candidates will submit samples, portfolios or links of previous work/performances in addition to contact info with an appropriate subject to: thesubvertedmethod@gmail.com

We hope you choose to join our proliferating arsenal of talented people and significant narratives entirely within THESMProject!

Thank you!

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