Oct. 19, 2013

Want $250k+? No Cold Calls, Work At Home (anywhere- You Take Inbound Calls)

Confidential Delaware, Delaware

First of all, YES, this is Network Marketing. And we're proud to be part of
it! This is a $167 billion dollar per year industry! Our industry is enormous;
the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA),
the television industry, the music industr and the movie industry all combined
make less money than the Network Marketing industry! Sam Walton, the founder
of Wal-Mart once said, "I'd rather run a profitable business in an
unconventional industry than an unprofitable business in a conventional
industry." Other companies advertise positions with incomes of $40,000,
$50,000 even $100,000 per year. In our industry, that's what amateurs make!
Other companies offer one or two pay raises per year. Network Marketers often
see their incomes increase every month as the size of the organizations grow!
Billionaires Donald Trump and Carlos Slim of Mexico are involved in Network
Marketing. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author Robert Kiyosaki and professional golfer
Greg Norman along with many more millionaires are involved in Network
Marketing. Unless you are better off than any of these people, then you should
probably take a serious look at this business. Each year, Business From Home
magazine publishes a list of the top earners in the Network Marketing
industry. The individuals on that list are earning incomes ranging from
$450,000 to over $1.2 million per month! What is interesting is that 4 of the
top 10 income earners on this list are marketing the same product, coffee.
That's right, COFFEE, the second most traded commodity on the planet after
petroleum and the most consumed beverage on earth, after water! So what makes
our program better than any other opportunity? Simple, we have a marketing
system that is truly unique. This system: • Utilizes a file sharing system
that contains a complete library of online marketing tools and information. •
Does not involve any type of cold calling. All calls are inbound from
interested people. • Uses a call filtering system that automatically
prequalifies every prospect before you speak to them!< • Does not involve any
type of outside or door to door sales or trying to sell to or recruit friends
and relatives. • Pays our senior associates well for helping you to earn a
substantial income. If you are truly serious about earning an income in the
multiple six figure and even seven figure range, then the Network Marketing
industry is where you want to be as it is a documented fact that this industry
has created more millionaires than any other industry in the world! You can
join our company, work from the comfort of your home and become part of a team
that is working to fulfill their dreams and create a secure a future. Or you
can go get another job, commute to work each day and spend the rest of your
life working to build someone else's dream. It's that simple. So what group do
you want to be part of? If you are tired of moving from one job to another and
never really getting ahead and you are interested in joining a team of top
achievers, then call our 24 hour information line at the number listed below
to listen to a 3 minute recorded message that will provide you with additional
information about this unique opportunity! CALL NOW : 866-600-3922.
Commissions paid weekly, bonuses and residuals paid monthly! Location:
ANYWHERE- YOU TAKE INBOUND CALLS ! Compensation: Commissions paid weekly;
Bonuses, Overrides and Residuals paid monthly

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