April 18, 2018

Organist / Keyboard Player / Recitalist

Sterling Organ House Laurel, Maryland

We are looking for qualified musicians to play paid gigs in our house concert series. Our greatest interest is in musicians trained to play the organ. We are primarily interested in solo performers and secondly in duos, such as a vocalist and keyboardist or a guitarist and keyboardist. We do not have room for quartets or large ensembles.

The instrument installed in our house is a large 2 manual and pedal organ fully capable of playing any style of music including classical, theater, jazz, gospel, and folk. The organ commands 16 professional external midi sound modules as well as computer-driven emulators including Hauptwerk, GrandOrgue, and VB3. Over 25 digital sample sets are installed reproducing many renowned organs of Europe. In addition, there are several Hammond B3 clones and a vast array of grand pianos, and instrumental and world sounds and percussion.

Our house concert series is set to begin in May and run through October with one or two concerts scheduled per month on weekends. Hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served. Revenue will be generated from advance ticket sales, with a maximum of 30 guests. Musicians can expect to be paid from $200 to $500 per concert depending on the number of attendees and other factors to be discussed. Our goal is to offer a musically satisfying evening to our guests and to create a fun opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds and interests to mix, mingle, and become acquainted.

We expect each concert to run approximately 90 minutes with a short intermission. The performer(s) will have the freedom to design their own program and play in their accustomed style. A short interview and audition is required of all candidates wishing to be hired to play a concert / recital. Resum├ęs are requested but not required.

For further information or to apply, please call 410-792-7531 or email vzentreu@verizon.net

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